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Welcome to Personal Touch Insurance Solutions, LLC


For the past eight years, I, Marsha M. Adams have served as an enrollment counselor for Medicare Advantage plans and an independent insurance agent. Throughout these years, I have served the states of Mississippi and parts of Louisiana assisting clients with health and medical insurance needs and aided hundreds of clients by providing individual analysis of health care needs, saving families hundreds of dollars a year. My goal is to provide strategic life planning with a personal touch. Therefore, in March 2014, I established Personal Touch Insurance Solutions, LLC.


Educating seniors and the disabled on the new and expanded Medicare options that are available to them has been my joy. Teaching family, friends, and neighbors how to get the most out of their benefits has brought me great satisfaction. Many individuals suffer with the ailments associated with chronic diseases and need special drugs and health plans to meet their needs. My willingness to provide needed information and insurance options has alleviated them of much pain and mental distress.


I am proud to say that I have expanded these services to other insurance products. Personal Touch Insurance Solutions, LLC allows me to provide other services that have been life changing to all I have come into contact. Many people have been without medical and life insurance for many years. By understanding the need for these types of insurance coverages, I have expanded my portfolio. Therefore, providing educational information and plan options for Affordable Healthcare and Long Term Care, among many others has been very fulfilling.


I will continue to serve my current and future clients with integrity, giving them peace of mind. I am proud to admit that I have always put my client’s needs first and take great pleasure in attending to their needs. My life has been enriched by those I have had the honor of serving as well. I am grateful for every opportunity I have been given to be a part of their major life decisions. I look forward to continuing to serve my community any way I can.



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